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Download Bluestacks 2

In this page, we have listed download links for Bluestacks App Player 2. Both official versions and rooted version of bluestacks are listed.

Know more about Bluestacks 2

You can also download previous versions of Bluestacks 2, their links are also provided at the bottom of this page.

This page is updated with new links whenever there’s a new version available.

Note 1#: Make sure you meet the minimum requirements to Run Bluestacks 2.

This table lists the latest version of Bluestacks 2.

Last Update: 27/11/2016
Official Site
Company BlueStacks
Latest Version
Download Link ( Direct Download)290MBDownload

Note: Above listed download links are of official installers.

  • For previous versions of Bluestacks 2, you can get the download links below in this page.
  • For downloading Bluestacks App Player and not Bluestacks 2, refer this page.

Previous Versions of Bluestacks 2

Note: We are only listing the creditable versions which are most stable.

VersionBuildDateAndroid VersionChangelogOfficial Version
2.3.376239Jun. 30, 20164.4.2ViewDownload
2.2.216212Apr. 26, 20164.4.2 ViewDownload
2.1.165938Mar. 29, 20164.4.2 ViewDownload
2.1.85663Mar. 11, 20164.4.2ViewDownload
2.1.75658Mar. 11, 20164.4.2 ViewDownload
2.1.66004Mar. 11, 20164.4.2 ViewDownload
2.1.359051 July, 20164.4.2 ViewDownload
2.1.059053 March, 20164.4.2 ViewDownload
2.0.85638Feb. 5, 20164.4.2ViewDownload
2.0.45627Jan. 7, 20164.4.2 ViewDownload
2.0.25623Dec. 14, 20154.4.2ViewDownload
2.0.156212 Feb, 20164.4.2 ViewDownload
2.0.010111 Dec, 20154.4.2 ViewDownload

Rooted Bluestacks 2

VersionBuildBuild DateAndroid VersionLinksNotes

Troubleshooting & Installation Guides

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  • Prerequisites for Bluestacks 2
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