Download AMI Duos 2

In this page you can download AMI Duos 2, which features Android Lollipop.

AMI Duos 2 was a major upgrade from the previous versions of AMI Duos. Get to know about it on this page.

After downloading and installing AMI DUOS 2 make sure you also download and apply GAAPS which is meant for AMI Duos 2.

The Older version of gaaps will not work with AMI DUOS 2. Below we have provided download links to the latest version of AMI DUOS. You can also download previous versions whose links are also given more below.

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 Last Update: 13-10-2016
Official Site
Company American Megatrends, Inc.
Latest Version
v2.0.8.8511 (Current) 
Download Link
Download (32bit)
Download Link
Download (64bit)

Note: You require GAPPS For Google Play Services, you have to install it to get full android experience. It includes applications like Google Play Store and other necessary services.

Gapps For AMI Duos 298MBDownload

Cracked Versions

Note: These are cracks that will work for the specified version in the table.

VersionDownload 32BitDownload 64bit

Previous Versions of AMI Duos 2

We are listing all previous version of AMI Duos 2 that were available before.

Version Download 32Bit Download 64Bit
v2.0.4.7811DownloadDownload Download Download Download DownloadDownload

Troubleshooting & Installation Guides